Which Is The Best Car To Buy Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid, Electric, Or CNG?

The answer is not as simple as the question. You can learn how each sort of car operates in its own style, as a detailed explanation is provided on this blog. However, the popular response for the present fashion is a hybrid vehicle. Let’s discuss the Tata models that have been gaining popularity in general as we get into greater detail. For questions about Tata automobiles, get in touch with the PPS Authorized Tata Showroom in Chennai.

Which Is Better Hybrid Petrol Or Diesel?

Modern vehicles with more than one energy source are called hybrids. These cars, in my opinion, are the ones of the future. The majority of hybrid vehicles on the market now run on either diesel or gasoline and batteries. When running on batteries, these automobiles are rather quiet; otherwise, they make the same amount of noise as gasoline or diesel vehicles. When compared to diesel, gasoline, or compressed natural gas, these vehicles offer exceptionally good fuel efficiency. The way the car is designed to use the Fuel and Battery together to provide the best fuel economy is the primary factor in the high fuel economy. These vehicles are extremely high-tech and are controlled by software to optimize the usage of available power.

If the hybrid vehicle is a diesel-battery hybrid, it can easily climb hills. The battery motor of the car allows it to easily climb hills if it is a petrol-battery hybrid. Because of the software control and optimization of power source consumption, hybrid cars offer very good fuel efficiency. As the price of batteries decreases and mass production increases, hybrid automobiles will become more affordable and will be marketed in huge numbers due to their cheap operating expenses.

Is A Diesel Hybrid Electric Vehicle Possible?

Due to the great torque and power of a battery motor at low speeds, the power and acceleration of a battery car are actually better than those of gasoline and diesel vehicles. Due to the high cost of the batteries and motors used in addition to the traditional engine, the original cost and maintenance costs of a hybrid car can be significantly more than those of a petrol, diesel, or CNG vehicle.

Is It Worth Buying A Hybrid Car Now?

Indeed, they are more environmentally friendly than their ICE counterparts. Because hybrid cars can operate with a smaller engine, they emit fewer pollutants. Additionally, there is no debate regarding gasoline pollution while using exclusively electric power. Hybrid vehicles ensure low fuel use with electric-powered hill-climbing assistance rather than using extra petrol. Additionally helpful when passing or merely accelerating is this feature. Hybrid vehicles do not require powerful engines, as was previously established. The outcome is significant weight reduction and increased mileage. Every time you stop at a signal, there is no need for you to manually shut off the engine. When you’re ready to move, you don’t have to turn it back on either. It occurs automatically and reduces the need for gasoline.

Despite the fact that cars are deteriorating assets, hybrid cars have a high resale value because of their low operating costs and cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, with the phasing out of ICE cars, the majority of car purchasers will be wanting to buy a hybrid or electric vehicle in a few years. However, there are a few restrictions for hybrid vehicles.

How Long Do Hybrid Cars Last?

It might yet be too early to estimate the maximum lifespan of hybrid cars itself. Since hybrid vehicles are still very much in their infancy, there aren’t many of them that have experienced accidents or reached “retirement” age. However, it is anticipated that hybrids will live longer than ordinary automobiles with internal combustion engines. Because hybrids have both fuel engines and regenerative batteries, both are expected to last longer because they are used proportionately less.

Roughly speaking, though, hybrid car drivers can expect to drive their car for anything between 5 and 15 years if suitable maintenance is carried out on them. The main determinant is increased mileage. Compared to ICE cars, the mileage is much higher. Dual-power vehicles may switch between running completely on electricity for short trips and using the engine for longer ones. The mileage will inevitably increase with less-fuel-intensive acceleration.

Petrol and Electric Hybrid Cars in India

Hybrid vehicles lower pollution while simultaneously increasing fuel efficiency by drawing their power from both electricity and fuel (diesel, gasoline, and hydrogen). On the electric side, energy from lithium ion batteries is transferred to electric motor-generators to power the vehicle. In addition to driving the wheels, these motors also produce electricity when they brake through regenerative braking. Although hybrid vehicles use small, low-emission engines, they do burn fuel. The engines either produce electricity for the batteries or cooperate with the electric motors to give propulsion.

Internal Combustion Engine – Petrol & Diesel

Among those with IC engines, petrol-powered cars offer the smoothest power distribution, the highest level of refinement, and enjoyable performance at higher RPMs. They also have the best-controlled NVH levels among IC-engine vehicles. Petrol-powered cars, however, can end up being expensive investments for people who frequently travel long distances due to their high operating expenses.

Due to their improved tractability and fuel efficiency, particularly for longer trips and higher monthly kilometre totals, diesel cars are often chosen by consumers. Additionally, diesel vehicles are more smooth and pleasant for long-distance cruising than petrol vehicles since they have significantly more torque, especially in the lower and medium RPM ranges. For consumers with lower monthly usage, however, the higher asking price and maintenance costs of a diesel car might not seem worthwhile.


The ideal choice for daily commuters is this. Those who frequently travel within cities and want a compact, urban-friendly car with the refinement of a petrol car should choose an automobile driven by an alternative fuel, such as CNG or LPG. A CNG or LPG vehicle is less expensive even though it might not have the same amount of power or performance as a petrol or diesel vehicle. CNG and LPG are best suited for city use solely because they are less readily available as fuels than gasoline and diesel. One of the better possibilities in this group of vehicles is the Tata Tiago iCNG.

Electric Vehicle

Obviously, there are minimal regular maintenance expenditures when purchasing this vehicle. The cost of maintaining an electric vehicle is lower than that of a vehicle with a traditional internal combustion engine, there is no arguing that. Electric vehicles also have much reduced ongoing maintenance expenses. However, the lack of a sufficient on-road charging infrastructure in the nation and the much higher initial asking price have proven to be barriers to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. As a result, those who already possess a primary IC-engine vehicle and want a second car for city driving should for the time being opt for an electric vehicle. Cars you can buy: Tata Nexon EV.


This is for those who want to conserve fuel without having any EV constraints. Complete hybrid vehicles require more frequent maintenance since their interior engineering is more complex than that of other autos. For someone who appreciates the simplicity, refinement, and ease of a gasoline vehicle but wants a higher fuel economy, a full-hybrid vehicle makes a lot of sense. Customers have the option of transitioning to electric mobility with full-hybrid vehicles, which are available at the PPS TATA Showroom in Chennai, without wholly relying on the presence of charging infrastructure.


Without a doubt, the best choice for any type of car is a Tata. Due to the remarkable level of craftsmanship and riding comfort offered by modern models, no one can avoid investing in one. To learn more about the brand-new Skoda Slavia in your area, go to the PPS TATA Dealers in Chennai. This chic and refined sedan is ready to take you anywhere in unparalleled comfort!

We also suggest setting up a test drive at the local PPS TATA Dealer Chennai for a more practical experience. Please share your opinions with us after speaking with our skilled sales and service representatives. Simple choices like Tata automobiles demand careful attention from a purchase standpoint, but the desired version must be selected with care.

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