Tata Harrier Confirmed Updates 2023

Tata is seeing success because to its modern SUVs. The Tata Nexon and Punch are taking up all the attention for SUVs. The Harrier is yet another crucial SUV in Tata’s range. With its aesthetics and features, the Harrier has completely changed the huge SUV market since its 2019 premiere. But now that the Harrier is a little antiquated, Tata is getting ready to update it. The 2023 Tata Harrier facelift will be covered in this post.

The Harrier already has a brash and aggressive appearance. Therefore, rather of making drastic design changes, the subsequent model will likely only see some minor ones. The spy images of the Harrier makeover have appeared online. This disguised vehicle had a brand-new grille and air dam. In addition, we might anticipate new alloy wheels, DRLs, and LED headlights. We could see new bumpers and tail lights at the back. To make sales enquiries about the upcoming Tata Harrier Facelift 2023, contact PPS TATA Dealer in Chennai.

Is Tata Harrier upgrade coming?

The Tata Harrier Facelift is scheduled to debut in January 2023 for all auto enthusiasts. The Harrier facelift is anticipating the starting price at Rs 15 lakhs* which is the ex-showroom price. The 2-liter diesel engine (170PS/350Nm) from the current Harrier is probably what would power this model.

Body type: SUV

Fuel: Diesel

Engine (up to): 1956 cc

Transmission: Manual

Important Updates of Tata Harrier Facelift 2023

The Tata Harrier also has new five-spoke alloy wheels and a sharper, wider-looking front grille with new squared elements, which are both seen in this computer depiction of the vehicle. A split design for the air dams has also been added to the lower portion of the front bumper. The Tata Harrier looks very similar to the current-spec Harrier in this digital rendering, which makes all the other changes seem like minor facelifts.

Petrol Engine

The 2.0-liter diesel engine will remain in the redesigned Harrier. However, the inclusion of a gasoline engine might be the most significant modification. According to rumours, Tata is developing a 1.5-liter gasoline turbocharged engine for the Harrier and Safari. This engine is a 1.2-litre with an additional cylinder. However, the most recent sources claim that Tata Motors does not prioritize this engine, so the Harrier facelift might not have it.

Tuned Suspension Setup

Tata wants to improve the Harrier’s off-roading ability even if it is more of an urban off-roader. So, will Tata install an AWD or 44 system? Not exactly, although it will get a new suspension system. It is anticipated that this suspension system will be modified for off-road use. This will be a positive development for the Harrier.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

The primary focus of advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) is on driver aids like night vision, driver awareness, and adaptive cruise control as well as collision avoidance technologies like lane departure warning and blind-spot applications.

ADAS capabilities are anticipated to be included in the Harrier makeover. A radar was visible in a recent spy photo of the Harrier, suggesting that ADAS might be available. There are still no specifics on what ADAS level it might receive, but given current market patterns, we anticipate Tata willchoose this wisely.

Will TATA Harrier get 360-degree camera?

The Harrier makeover is anticipated to include new features in addition to ADAS. A new infotainment system, which can be a 10-inch or 12-inch device, will be one of the most significant upgrades. This new touchscreen is being developed by Tata and Harman. Additionally, Tata is developing a 360-degree camera for the Harrier in conjunction with the new infotainment system.

Numerous consumers bemoaned the subpar infotainment system in the current Harrier. Tata wants to change that with the redesign in addition to adding modern features to make the cabin even more opulent and high-end. This might also imply that ADAS features will be added to the new Harrier.

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Is Tata Harrier Value For Money?

Given that the best trim of the Harrier already sells for nearly Rs. 25 lakhs* on the road price, we are very much sure of its potential value for money. However, we may anticipate that it will provide an infinite number of variations, making it available to a completely new audience based on their wants and needs.

Other Features

Render The current lighting signature, which incorporates the new “T” symbol on the nose, is at the heart of the new style in Tata Harrier. There is no need for a radical redesign because this component fits naturally on the Harrier’s front fascia. Of course, the facelift will also use new bumpers and a slightly modified headlight cluster. The sheet metal design of the Tata Harrier’s IMPACT 2.0 style has held up well over time, thus little to no alterations are anticipated to be made. New wheels will be used to update the profile, and a new bumper and taillight details are expected to be added to the back.

The Tata Harrier will have a great chance to improve with the facelift in this fiercely competitive market. The appeal of the already well-liked crossover would be greatly increased by a change in materials and trims, a new steering wheel, an updated infotainment system with contemporary connectivity features, and ADAS.

Will TATA Harrier get 4*4?

The term “4-wheel drive” (also known as “4WD”) or “4-by-4” refers to a method in which an automobile’s engine drives all four wheels equally. Generally speaking, there are only four choices when it comes to vehicles and trucks: All-wheel, four-wheel, rear-wheel, and front-wheel drive. The Tata Harrier lacks a four-wheel drive system, although it will likely be released soon.

Is TATA Harrier using FIAT Engine?

The FIAT engine was released in 2003. In 2005, it took home the title of International Engine of the Year. Five tunings of the engine were offered: 70 bhp, 75 bhp, 90 bhp, and 105 bhp. Its excellent performance, dependability, durability, fuel efficiency, and minimal maintenance made it a favourite among Indians.

The Fiat 2.0-liter MultiJet diesel engine and 6-speed manual transmission power the tATAHarrier. The diesel engine in the Harrier produces 140PS and 350Nm of torque at the moment.


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