Driving with Confidence: Understanding Tata Punch Safety Technologies

Get ready to explore the groundbreaking safety features in the Tata Punch! Explore driving confidence by its innovative driver-assist features and meticulously integrated design. Its robust build and innovative tech ensure a secure and comfortable ride, complemented by efficient performance. Know more about the Tata Punch features 2023 which enhances comfort, safety, and performance for an elevated driving experience. Visit PPS Tata Showroom Chennai to purchase desired variant of Tata Punch that suits your needs.

Secure Journeys with Tata Punch

Explore the safety features ensuring secure travels with the Tata Punch. Know more about the secured performance that attracts consumers to buy this compact SUV:

Engine and Transmission

The Tata Punch runs on a 1.2-liter petrol engine, offering 88 PS power and 115 Nm torque, paired with a 5-speed manual or AMT transmission. CNG versions use the identical engine but solely with a 5-speed manual, generating 73.5 PS and 103 Nm in CNG mode.

The mileage varies based on the vehicle’s transmission¬†and fuel type:

For Petrol with Manual Transmission, it achieves approximately 20.09 kilometers per liter. With Petrol and Automatic Transmission, expect an average of 18.8 kilometers per liter. For the CNG variant, the mileage stands at approximately 26.99 km/kg.

Is Tata Punch comfortable to drive?

The Tata Punch is comfortable for long drives. The seats in Tata Punch are incredibly comfortable. The inclusion of a dead pedal enhances highway comfort, contributing to a more relaxed driving experience.

Exterior Excellence

Illuminate your path with striking Projector Headlamps & LED DRLs for enhanced design and visibility. Impress with bold LED Tail Lamps as you drive away, leaving a lasting impression. Get to know Tata Punch features top model that sets new standards in the Tata Punch.


The Punch impresses with its captivating 7-inch dashboard and spacious, premium interiors, ensuring remarkable comfort. Stylish body-colored air vents add a unique touch to the dashboard’s aesthetics.

The innovative D-cut steering wheel enhances driving control, ensuring a more enjoyable and improved ride. Additionally, ample storage and user-friendly controls complement its interior allure.

Color Options

The Punch comes in a variety of colors: Blue, Red, Bronze, Orange, Mist, Grey, White, and Green, offering a diverse palette for personalization.

What is ISS technology in Tata Punch?

The Tata Punch incorporates Idle Stop Start (ISS) tech, halting the engine when the vehicle is parked. Simple clutch pressing restarts the engine, ensuring fuel efficiency. Its compact build houses a powerful engine, maximizing performance. The idle air control actuator (IAC) regulates RPM in fuel-injected vehicles, while carbureted ones use idle speed control.

Additionally, it boasts an intuitive infotainment system, elevating the driving experience with seamless connectivity features. IAC + ISS technologies in Tata Punch ensure enhanced stability and control for a smoother driving experience. Explore Different Variants

The Punch presents four main variants:

Pure, Adventure, Accomplished, and Creative. The latest Camo edition is available with Adventure and Accomplished trims. Variants include different features and designs catering to various preferences without compromising on style or functionality. Visit PPS TATA Ludhiana Showroom to know about Punch price, tech specs, and comprehensive features.

Seating Potentials

The Tata Punch can accommodate five individuals comfortably. Its interior design ensures roominess without compromising passenger comfort.

Ample Boot Space

The Tata Punch impresses with its generous 366-liter boot space, providing more room for luggage. Alongside this, offering a well-rounded and practical experience for passengers and cargo alike.

Is Tata Punch suitable for long drive?

The Punch excels as a compact vehicle, ideal for extended highway journeys with seamless long-distance coverage. Its fuel efficiency and agile handling ensure a smooth ride, while its compact design offers convenience and ease during travel. Explore Tata Punch, a class-defining vehicle, combines sporty dynamics with robust utility. Its sleek exterior and plush interiors contribute to making the Tata Punch the safest car in India.


Tata Motors prioritizes customers by pioneering SUVs in India. The Punch mastery extends to diverse vehicle capabilities, seamlessly combining comfort, innovation, and performance for an exceptional ride. Today’s drivers seek style and performance, qualities inherent in Tata’s SUVs. The Punch assures robust protection through its innovative safety mechanisms, fostering a secure driving experience. Know about comprehensive information by visiting the PPS Tata dealer Chandigarh for more insights. Hurry up to book a Test Drive today

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