Conquering the Roads: The Legendary Tata Safari

The automotive world has witnessed countless iconic vehicles that have left an indelible mark on the industry. Among these, the Tata Safari stands tall as an enduring legend that has conquered the roads and hearts of many since its inception. Tata Safari first model Launch date originally was in 1998 and later has become an emblem of power, style, and versatility in the SUV segment.  This made it an integral part of India’s automotive culture. Visit PPS Tata Motors Chennai to find the different aspects or any queries related to Tata Safari.

Important Aspects of Tata Safari

Let’s delve into the story of this remarkable vehicle. Also, explore why it continues to hold a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts and adventurers alike. Here’s what the expert team of PPS Tata Dealers Chennai had to say about Tata Safari.

 A Historic Journey

The journey of the Tata Safari began in 1998 when Tata Motors, India’s leading automobile manufacturer, introduced the SUV to the Indian market. With its bold and imposing design, the Safari stood out from its competitors and quickly gained popularity among SUV enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

The Safari was one of the first vehicles to be developed entirely in India. This helped showcase the country’s engineering prowess and capabilities with the updated Tata Safari 2000 model. The Safari’s unique blend of ruggedness, comfort, and off-road capability made it a go-to choice for both urban commuters and off-road adventurers.

Its spacious interiors, robust build, and commanding road presence made it the preferred vehicle for families and travel enthusiasts, setting new standards in the SUV segment.

Evolution and Adaptation

Over the years, Tata Motors continuously evolved the Safari to meet changing consumer preferences and technological advancements. Several facelifts and updates enhanced the vehicle’s aesthetics, performance, and safety features.

Despite these changes, the iconic silhouette and essence of the Safari remained unchanged, a testament to its timeless design and brand identity. In 2021, Tata Motors launched the all-new Tata Safari, adopting a more modern and premium approach while retaining the essence of its legendary predecessor.

The new Safari, based on the OMEGARC architecture, offered a host of modern features, refined driving experience, and improved safety standards. With three-row seating and a powerful Tata Safari engine, it appealed to both adventure seekers and family-oriented buyers.

Is Tata Safari a strong car?

The Tata Safari is an SUV manufactured by Tata Motors, an Indian automotive company. It is known for its robust build and is considered a strong car in its segment. However, the overall strength and reliability of a car can vary depending on the specific model year, manufacturing quality, and maintenance.

Which is the most expensive Tata Safari car?

Tata Safari XE variant starts at a price of Rs. 15.85 Lakh*. The most expensive variant is the Tata New Safari XZA Plus (O) 6 Str Red Dark Edition AT which has a price of Rs. 25.21 Lakh*. Visit PPS Tata Motor Dealer Chennai to find out all the price details of different Tata Safari variants.

Conquering the Wild

The Tata Safari’s rugged build and 4×4 capabilities have made it a symbol of adventure. Enthusiasts have taken it to the farthest corners of the country, conquering challenging terrains and treacherous landscapes.

The Tata Safari’s XE model is the least expensive variant, retailing for Rs. 15.85 lakh*, while the Tata New Safari XZA Plus (O) 6 Str Red Dark Edition AT costs Rs. 25.21 lakh*.

Is Tata Safari good for off roading?

The Tata Safari is known for being a rugged and capable SUV, but its off-roading capabilities depend on the specific model and features. The Tata Safari has been used for off-roading by many enthusiasts, and it generally performs well in moderate off-road conditions.

Community and Legacy

Beyond its performance and features, the Tata Safari has fostered a close-knit community of passionate owners. Safari clubs and online forums have sprouted across the country, where enthusiasts share their travel stories, modifications, and tips for a fulfilling Safari experience.

The vehicle has inspired countless road trips and family adventures, solidifying its place as a cherished companion for millions of Indians.

What is the brand slogan of Tata Safari?

The brand slogan of Tata Safari is “Reclaim Your Life”. Please note that slogans and marketing campaigns can change over time.


The Tata Safari’s journey from its inception to the present day is nothing short of legendary. Its powerful presence on the roads, remarkable off-road capabilities, and unwavering popularity have made it an iconic SUV that represents the spirit of India’s automotive industry. As Tata Motors continues to innovate and adapt to the ever-changing automotive landscape, the Tata Safari remains a symbol of exploration, freedom, and the conquering spirit that inspires adventurers to take on new challenges, both on and off the road. To learn more about the features and technical specs of the Tata Safari, make an online test drive booking or visit the PPS Tata Motor Showroom    Chennai.  Thiruvallur,  KottivakkamPallikaranaiRedhills,  Guduvanchery, and Sriperumbudur are the other locations in Tamil Nadu with the presence of PPS Tata.

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